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Vermont’s Contact Lens Specialists

The doctors at Advanced Vision Care are Vermont’s contact lens specialists. We have one of the areas largest selection of contacts, and many patients can be fit the same day. If you thought contacts were not an option for you, think again. We fit contacts for patients with astigmatism, even for patients that need bifocals. You will also find our prices very comparable to 1800contacts, and sometimes much better.

One Day Contacts
Many of the problems associated with contacts are the chemical solutions that are used for storage, and the coatings that form on them. A one-day contact is a lens that you wear for one day and throw away, thus eliminating the two biggest problems with contacts. These lenses are quite affordable for everyday wear or for people who just want something for occasional wear, i.e. sports or going out. We especially use these lenses for children and those with allergies. They are available for most corrections, including astigmatism and bifocals.

Silicone Soft Contacts
These are the next generation of contact lens materials. They generally allow 5 times as much oxygen to reach your eye than in previous materials. Several types allow up to 30 days of continuous wear. For those who tend to have red or dry eyes with contacts, these maybe the answer for you! They are also a good alternative for people contemplating laser surgery to correct their vision.

Wave Gas Permeable Contacts
When it comes to custom contact lens fitting, we utilize the Wave System. Click here to learn more.

We use the latest materials that allow for better comfort and oxygen permeability. We start by producing a topographical map of your eye, and design a lens that follows this topography, providing you with a comfortable lens and sharp consistent vision. We like these lenses for patients with large amounts of astigmatism, those who demand the sharpest vision, or those who need a bifocal.

Why we do not fit Hubble Contact Lenses
You may have seen ads from Hubble Contacts stating they can save you money. We appreciate that they are spreading the word about changing your contacts every day, which is healthier for your eyes. Unfortunately, one shoe does not fit everyone, and the material they use is not the silicone material that allows 4x times more oxygen to your eye than the old hydrogel material found in a Hubble lens. Silicone contacts came out in 1998, and is the preferred material. They tend to be more expensive, but at our office, you can spend as little as $250 after manufacturer rebate for an annual supply. Hubble will charge you $396 over a 12 month subscription. In addition, our doctors can fit you with bifocal lenses or lenses for astigmatism if needed. Some people call our office and ask why we do not fit Hubble lenses. It’s simple, there are better lenses that are more cost effective for our patients.